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Self-Serve Digital Signage

Transform Your TV into Dynamic Displays

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How It Works?

Intuitive tools for effortless design and management.

Create, sequence, and broadcast with ease. Explore vast templates, integrate social content, and store assets safely in the cloud.

Sign Builder

Empower your creativity.
Design, upload, and showcase.


Control the narrative.
Sequence & rotate your signs.


Any TV becomes your canvas.
Display your content anywhere.


Access modern designs
or craft your own.

Connected Apps

Integrate and display your social content seamlessly.

Cloud Library

Your assets, safe and accessible. Upload & manage in the cloud.

Unlimited Creativity with Unlimited Signs

Freedom to design, display, and rotate unlimited signs for your audience.

    In the vibrant world of digital displays, boundaries should never restrict your imagination. Motion.ca champions this belief by offering unparalleled freedom in sign creation and management.

  • Limitless Designs: With no cap on the number of signs you can create, every idea, promotion, or message finds its place. Whether you're showcasing a daily special, seasonal promotion, or a long-standing service, there's always room for more.

  • Personalized Content: Tailor your signs to specific audiences, occasions, or times of the day. Greet morning visitors with a fresh message or surprise late-night shoppers with exclusive deals.

  • Dynamic Rotation: The power to rotate signs ensures that your content remains fresh and engaging. Cycle through a series of promotions, announcements, or advertisements, keeping viewers intrigued and informed.

  • Easy Editing & Updates: Swiftly make changes on-the-fly. Whether it's a price update, a new product launch, or a last-minute announcement, your signs adapt in real-time.

  • Template Library: Not a designer? No problem. Dive into Motion.ca's vast library of templates, curated for various industries and occasions. Customize them to your liking, ensuring professional-quality designs every time.

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Multi-Screen & Multi-Location Flexibility

Broadcast distinct playlists on various screens, and manage signs regardless of geography.

Capitalize on the Potential
of Digital Signage

  •  Promote Sales & Offers

  •  Showcase Brands & Products

  •   Feature Products and Services

  •  Provide Vital Information

  •   And much, much more!


From showcasing your menu to highlighting your services, our digital signage has endless capabilities.

Digital Signage for Retail, Optical, Automotive, Medical, Dental, Arenas, Hotels, Restaurants and more.

More Revenue, Less Overhead

Say goodbye to traditional in-store signage costs.

Harness the power of digital transformation with Motion.ca.
Designed with enterprises in mind, our solutions deliver more revenue opportunities while significantly cutting down overheads.

  • Centralized Control: Manage content across multiple locations from a single dashboard. Whether you have branches nationwide or globally, consistency in messaging and branding is ensured.

  • Cost Savings: Transitioning to Motion.ca eliminates the recurring costs of traditional signage – from printing to distribution. Reduce overheads while enhancing visibility and impact.

  • Dedicated Support: Get priority support tailored to enterprise needs. Whether it's customization, integration, or troubleshooting, our team is on standby to ensure smooth operations.

  • ROI-Focused: With features like the AD Platform, enterprises can not only save on overheads but also generate new revenue streams, ensuring a quicker return on investment.

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AD Platform with Motion.ca

In today's digital age, every screen has the potential to become a revenue-generating medium.

    With Motion.ca's AD Platform, tap into this potential by turning your digital displays into valuable advertising spaces.

  • Monetize Your Space: Convert idle screens into dynamic ad zones. Whether it's in-store, at events, or public spaces, your screens can showcase advertisements that appeal to your audience.

  • Flexibility & Control: Decide who advertises on your screens. Set durations, rotations, and pricing. Cater to local businesses or bigger brands.

  • Detailed Analytics: Gain insights into ad impressions, engagements, and performance. This data helps in adjusting ad strategies and showcasing the value to potential advertisers.

  • Additional Revenue Stream: Diversify your income sources. With the AD Platform, not only can you promote your own products or services, but you can also earn from external advertisers.

  • Turn your screens into strategic assets. With the AD Platform by Motion.ca, every display becomes an opportunity to earn.


Unlock the power of dynamic digital signs for your business.

Digital Signage
$ 599CAD
in Canada and USA

 Digital Signage Device - Connect to any TV!

 (12) Months of Digital Signage Service

 Upload & Rotate Unlimited Signs

 Digital Sign Scheduler

 Playlist Manager

 Sign Templates

 Portrait or Landscape

 Multi-Screen Support

 Multiple Location Support

Order Now - $599 CAD

All prices in Canadian Dollars

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to frequently asked questions and gain insights into how Motion can revolutionize your in-store marketing and enhance customer experiences.

What is Motion.ca's digital signage solution?

Motion.ca offers a comprehensive digital signage platform that allows users to design, schedule, and broadcast content on any HDMI-enabled TV. It provides tools for unlimited sign creation, playlist management, social media integration, and more, all geared towards enhancing your audience's viewing experience.

Do I need any special hardware to use Motion.ca?

All you need is the Motion sign device to connect your TV to our platform. This device seamlessly integrates with any HDMI-enabled TV, turning it into a dynamic digital display.

Can I integrate my social media feeds with Motion.ca?

Absolutely! Motion.ca allows you to connect and stream content from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This integration means live updates, tweets, videos, and more can be displayed directly on your screens.

How does the AD Platform work?

Our AD Platform lets you monetize your digital displays by selling ad zones directly on your screen. You can set durations, rotations, and pricing, and even gather detailed analytics on ad performance. It's a fantastic way to generate additional revenue.

Is there a limit to the number of signs I can create and display?

No, Motion.ca promotes unlimited creativity. You can design, display, and rotate as many signs as you want. This ensures that you have the flexibility to showcase a diverse range of content to your audience.

How secure is my content and data with Motion.ca?

We prioritize the safety and integrity of your digital assets. Motion.ca adheres to enterprise-level security standards, ensuring that your content, designs, and data remain protected at all times.